‘L.A. Times’ Readers Convinced Prescient Decision to Run ‘Doonesbury’ Strip

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By: E&P Staff

Looks like Garry Trudeau was right all along — not that the Los Angeles Times was worried.

A story on Saturday informed readers that the ?Doonesbury? strip slated to run Wednesday was not going to be the Nov. 5 strip that cartoonist Trudeau drew several weeks ago, projecting an Obama win. The cartoonist took a leap, with the advance strip showing soldiers in Iraq reacting to a Barack Obama victory in the presidential election.

Because Wednesday’s comics page would go to press before the polls closed on Election Night, Times editors had decided that “in the interest of accuracy, it would be best to wait to see the results of the election.” They couched their bets, planning to print Wednesday’s comic on Thursday in the vent of an Obama win. If he lost, the Times would print repeats until Friday.

But following reaction from readers, Times editors made the decision to run it anyway, and roll the dice. And the bet paid off.

Check out the strip, here.

Go here to see some of the reader comments that swayed the Times? decision, at the paper?s Readers Representative Blog.

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