La Razón Newspaper Radically Changes its Website Using Protecmedia’s Web Solution

By: Press Release | Protecmedia

La Razón newspaper has decided to overhaul its website by carrying out a complete redesign of its appearance while also radically altering the technology which it relies on. To make these changes, the newspaper chose Protecmedia’s ITER Web solution for the creation and management of web pages.

The installation of this Web CMS means that La Razón’s journalists can manage the website without the need for any specialist technological knowledge, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on the creation and publication of contents, while also being able, in a fast and simple manner, to manage the design and presentation of the home page. “The tool is very flexible, since there is a wide range of template design models to choose from, which gives us many more options. In addition, it is very quick and easy to use”, comments Ángel Luis de Santos, head of the newspaper’s web section.  All of this without the need to have technical staff alongside. From the outset, the simplicity of ITER Web has allowed La Razón’s employees to adapt to the new situation quickly and put this new website into operation in record time.
“Feedback has been positive, both inside and outside the company. People like it quite lot more than the previous one”, states Ángel Luis de Santos.

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