‘LA Times’ To Kill Local Section?

By: Joe Strupp

The Los Angeles Times is reportedly killing its local section and folding local news into the A section, reports LAObserved.com.

The web site reported Friday that “Publisher Eddy Hartenstein has ordered the California section killed, leaving the L.A. Times without a separate local news front for the first time since the paper’s early decades. The publisher decided to fold local news inside the front section ? which will be reconfigured to downplay national and foreign news ? despite what an official of the paper confirmed for me was the unanimous and vocal objections of senior editors.”

Times officials could not immediately be reached for comment Friday.

The report adds that “Advertisers were informed on Wednesday, and word began to leak on Thursday. Hartenstein reportedly planned to delay an announcement until the close of business on Friday, fearing it will play as another black eye for the Times.”

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