Lantech’s New Load Locking System

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By: E&P Staff

Louisville-based packaging systems manufacturer Lantech is introducing a load-locking system designed to handle a wider range of pallet heights.

The Pallet-Grip system rolls a narrow cable of plastic film into the bottom wraps, enabling it to lock down loads on different pallet types and heights.

“This new design rolls up the bottom film web into a cable, then places the film cable at a pre-designated point to most effectively lock the load to the pallet, unlike conventional rotary arm stretch wrappers which are unable to do this,” Product Manager Allison Myers said in a statement.

Calling the film cable exceptionally strong — “almost like a wire reinforcement built into the bottom of the web – Myers said that by placing it above a pallet’s fork-truck entry points, “containment force is never compromised by tearing the film with the forks.”

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