Large Online Ads Comprise 9% Of Market

By: Scott Van Camp

(Adweek Magazines’ Technology Marketing) The larger online ad formats rolled out last March by the Internet Advertising Bureau are slowly but surely growing in use, says a Jupiter Media Metrix study released last week.

According to the study, the larger formats — consisting of skyscrapers, squares, and rectangles — have grown from a 4% share in April 2001 to a 9% share in January 2002.

“The increase shows that advertisers and publishers were looking for standards like these,” said Charles Buchwalter, Jupiter’s vice president of media research. Among the new formats, skyscrapers saw the biggest growth, shooting up 436% in the same time period. Nineteen percent of all ads on personal expression sites (such as those offering greeting cards) were skyscrapers.

Meanwhile, the much-maligned banner format is very much alive on the Web, claiming a 50% to 52% share each month for the past year. The number of banner impressions grew 39%, from 23.6 billion impressions in April 2001 to 32.9 billion in January 2002. Banners rule shopping and auction sites, capturing 80% of all ads served.

“It is doubtful that the demise of the smaller ad formats is anywhere near on the horizon, but experimentation is moving in other directions,” said Buchwalter.

According to Buchwalter, the next level of research will reveal ad size preference among different demographics, which will give advertisers and publishers a better idea of what formats to use where.

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