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By: Greg Mitchell

Blogging is coming to E&P, after only 120 years without it. We need your help in giving it a name, however, and we’re extending our contest another week to give everyone a fair chance. Don’t let “E&P Gone Wild” win by default!

We?ve been covering the impact of blogs for weeks but only moving to launch our own now. As a template, you can look at our sister publication Adweek?s blog, launched just this week, called (get ready) Adfreak, which naturally is at

Our blog would not look exactly like that but it might work much the same way, with pithy items and (moderated) audience participation. It would have a little more “attitude” than we normally display and more humor, with a wider array of subjects and with easy-to-find “comments” (in contrast to our “where-is-it?” Letters section on this site).

Now, the important part: We need a name for it. It should evoke the newspaper world but in a lively way (if that is not mutually exclusive). Here?s a list of names the staff has already come up with, on which you can simply vote, or supply your own:

Extra! Extra!
Jump Page
Etaoin Shrdlu?s Diary
The Daily Miracle
Fish Rap
Nattering Nabobs
Web Break
Ian P. Blog

Though, in reality, it should probably be: God Help Us.

In any case, send your votes or submissions to me at Name our blog and win a free subscription to the dead trees edition. Ironically.

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