LETTERS: Ann Coulter Stirs Up Hornet’s Nest With Supreme Court ‘Joke’

By: E&P Staff

Predictably, Ann Coulter ignited a torrent of letters with her latest “joke” that a Supreme Court Justice should be poisoned. But another seemingly innocuous story brought reaction we weren’t expecting. Joe Strupp’s Jan. 28 article looking back at the frigid conditions of the ’82 Super Bowl caused several readers to write in and offer a different perspective. While the sports writers recalling the game remember a “nightmare” scenario with frostbite conditions, readers say the average fan would be more than happy to brave sub-freezing temperatures to attend a Super Bowl on the company dime.


Super Bowl Sob Story

Re: Sports Scribes Recall Horrors of ’82 Super Bowl

Can we please keep this in perspective? Many of us in northern tier states live with wintry weather all winter long, not just a week.

And I’m not sure how difficult covering the Super Bowl is when the league provides transcripts of all interviews, while shuttling media from venue to venue — often with police escorts.

Never mind that most fans would give their left ear for a chance to watch the Big Game from the press box before heading down to interview players.

No event in the world is more media-friendly than the Super Bowl. And the reporters do not have to spend any of their own money to do this.

And yet it almost sounds like reporters are being asked to go to Iraq on their own dime.

Can we have a little perspective please? Reading about reporters complaining about having to cover the Super Bowl is even worse than reading about two teams in the Super Bowl complaining about a lack of respect.

Rusty Neff
White Salmon, Wash.


I used at least two boxes of tissues reading of the “horrors” experienced by sportswriters at the ’82 Super Bowl. My guess is that Joe Fan would have gladly traveled on icy, snowy, roads in windy weather so he could use his free ticket, sit in the press area eating free food, and having his expenses paid by his employer. BOO HOO!!! for the scribes. If you can’t handle the conditions find another job you bunch of pompous jerks.

John N. Gaydos


SPJ/Knight Ridder

Re: SPJ Calls for ‘National Debate’ Surrounding Sale of Knight Ridder

Hooray for SPJ! Journalists must speak out before their vital societal mission is eviscerated. It’s a great opportunity to consider turning viable newspapers into locally operated, not-for-profit, tax-exempt community foundations or trusts, like public broadcasting stations.

Joe Mathewson
Northwestern University, Chicago

Ed’s Note: Mathewson wrote about this subject in a column for E&P last December.


Ann Coulter’s Latest ‘Joke’

Re: Ann Coulter ‘Jokes’ That a Supreme Court Justice Should Be Poisoned

As usual the right cannot speak to the issues as seen in your latest Ann Coulter article. No, what they do is threaten the life of a Supreme Court Justice and while it may be a joke, there are plenty of unbalanced people out here that will take it seriously. If such an unbalanced person were to carry that act out, a good case could be made for depraved indifference murder. Even though Coulter stated that it was a joke, by you publishing what she said, someone may not take it as a joke, nor should it be thought of that way.

While she hails the nomination of Samuel Alito, stating that there needs to be more of a discussion on abortion, she is not sincere in her pro-life status. By making that joke about Justice Stevens proves it.

When she stated that blacks “are the most loyal group for Democrats and you ought to be getting a little more out of them by giving them competition through the Republicans,” I would like to add that more jobs have been lost by not only blacks but other Americans during the past few years with the GOP in charge of this government. Just the other day Ford announced the lay off of 25,000 of its workers and where many American jobs are being shipped overseas. In regards to Katrina — Bush really dropped the ball on that one — many blacks and poor alike have been displaced. What I’d like to know is where is the competition for them to get better jobs seeing as they cannot go back home?

When that sophomore girl stated: “We need someone on the Democratic side who is just as outspoken as she is.” All I have to say is, hire me. While I do not have a degree in journalism, I am a journalist. I am a columnist for VHeadline.com, which is a Venezuelan news site. I fit the requirements since I am a Democrat (but objective) and I am very outspoken. The difference between Ann Coulter and me is that I can speak to the issues, hold a civil tongue, and I never threaten the life of anyone.

Mary MacElveen
Sound Beach, N.Y.
Columnist for VHeadline.com


Ann Coulter is a venomous viper, so poisoning someone would seem like a humorous idea to her. Her “idea” belies her contempt for legal processes.

The next time she rears her vitriolic head and opens her jaws, she should remember how unpleasant it is to be lectured and do unto us, as she would have done unto her.

Perhaps she doesn’t believe in doing the Christian thing, just spouting and spewing, like a serpent in the garden.

Kathleen Grasso Andersen
New London, Conn.


At the end of your column you compared Little Kim to Ann Coulter then had to add your poison pen statement that Little Kim is serving jail time. I suspect, since you are the God of fairness, that in the future all references to Bill Clinton will be, formerly impeached President?

You people are sick.

Kenneth Parady
Grand Rapids, Mich.


Libs Can Dish It Out, But?

Ann Coulter speaking at Philander Smith College evoked some amusing responses. One liberal said: “We need someone on the Democratic side who is just as outspoken as she is.” Here are some Ann Coulters on the Democratic side: Whoopi Goldberg, Jeanine Garofalo, Bill Maher, Al Franken, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show,” Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View,” George Carlin, and 99% percent of the stand up comedians on Comedy Central. In fact, the odd castigating reaction liberals have toward Coulter reinforces the obvious: Liberals can dish it out but can’t take it.

Philip Battaglia


Beyond Good Taste

Just as conservatives were appalled at Alec Baldwin’s late-night talk show comment about stoning Congressman Henry Hyde, I (a conservative) was appalled at Coulter’s joking about poisoning Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. It might have been just a joke, as Baldwin insisted his comment on Congressman Hyde was, but to me both fall out of the boundaries of good taste.

Richard Zowie
Lapeer, Mich.


Coulter in a Nutshell

She has a devastating intellect, but the tank that holds her wisdom is empty.

Les Voth
Clifford, N.D.


Re: Ann Coulter ‘Jokes’ That a Supreme Court Justice Should Be Poisoned

I don’t know the law governing assault in Arkansas, but in D.C. a verbal assault is still an assault, and a verbal threat is as much a threat as if one had brandished a weapon, including a box of rat poison. A Grand Jury in a bad mood might not accept the excuse that it was only a ‘joke.’

Since the ‘joke’ was intended for the media, did any of you journalists get a stitch in your side from laughing at Coulter’s jest that rat poison should be administered to Justice Stevens? Please identify yourselves, so we can decline any invitation to dinner.

Pavel Chichikov
Washington DC


Re: Lloyd Grove Column Spotlights Huffington-Russert Feud

You uncritically repeated NBC News’ Barbara Levin’s claim that Arianna Huffington had hired a private detective to spy on writer Maureen Orth. You merely said that Levin’s claim was “supported” by another claim made by a conservative political consultant. How about citing evidence instead of claims?

Andric Perez

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