LETTERS: Iraqi Payola Defensible, If Labeled Correctly

By: E&P Staff

Today we take a look at the practice of Iraqi payola and the ongoing questions about the media’s coverage (or lack thereof) of the West Virginia mining disaster, all the while having a little fun with Ann Coulter.


Considering Iraqi Payola

Re: Former CIA Officer Defends ‘Wash Post’ Op-Ed In Online Chat

Reuel Marc Gerecht defends the placing articles in the Iraqi press for pay.

That’s fine as long as the articles are tagged: “The writer of this article was paid by the United States of America to write it.” If there’s nothing wrong with the practice why not admit it?

If, on the other hand, even those who promote the practice feel moral qualms, they will tend to avoid any admission that the writing was paid for. If their purpose was deception, their intent has now been foiled.

It’s to be doubted that the Iraqis, who have been living under a stern dictatorship for decades, place much faith in the press. We have reinforced their hard-earned cynicism.

What about Gerecht himself? How can we be sure that he was not paid to defend the practice of paying for newspaper space? It is, of course, impossible to prove a negative. However, once the practice of lying to the public has become habitual, society becomes ever more vulnerable to the dissolution of trust between human beings and their institutions.

Pavel Chichikov
Washington, D.C.


Were Miners Really Trapped?

I was a senior mines rescue captain in the U.K. I have asked Fox News several times since this explosion to find out if these men were actually trapped after the explosion. Nobody has given details if the men were physically trapped. If they were not actually trapped then there is no reason why they should have died. Why send the robot in? I believe that this could have been a rescue blunder. Somebody should ask the questions

Graham Hayward


Pie and Coulter

Re: Just Desserts? Man Who Tossed Pie at Coulter Has to Pay

Post the contact info for this guy. I’d be glad to send him money. What a noble cause.

Terri Kionka


Calls for Impeachment Amid Wounds of War

Re: Former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman, in Article, Calls for Impeachment Proceedings Against Bush

Thank God (my God) that at last there is an outraged known person who has done what many of us wish to happen: Institute a plan for an impeachment of the president.

How many ordinary people have been hospitalized or lobotomized when they claimed to have had heard God directed them to commit a vile act. Yet, many citizens believe Bush’s words/rhetoric.

Our brave military forces deserve more than a few war evaders running the government, playing army/war with our children, fathers/mothers and other families and friends. This same group ignored sound advice in regard to conducting operations. Gad zooks. We fight this war with what we have and not with what we need (body armor), properly plated vehicles. Perhaps they can persuade Chris Matthews to provide them with “spitballs.”

What is my background: husband in WWII, Guam, sons in Nam, Korea, Thailand. No one actively engaged in war comes away unscathed, physically, emotionally, or psychological. I am in deep anguish about a senseless war instituted by a cadre of an arrogant group that is not or never has been on the front lines.

I remain, patriotically, and firmly along with former Rep. Holtzman.

You go girl!

Dorothy Grimes

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