Lewiston Tribune Acquires 3-Across MAN Roland Uniset 75

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By: Meg Campbell

Idaho’s Tribune Publishing Co. has ordered a MAN Roland Uniset 75 for its new production facility, currently under construction. The three-page-wide press will enable the company, publisher of the Lewiston Tribune and Moscow-Pullman Daily News, to add more color to the dailies and increase its commercial activities.

The Uniset will consist of 32 printing couples in four-tower configuration fed by four RTPs. It will be able to produce three broadsheet pages across the cylinder in the fixed three-wide mode, and can be quickly converted to two-wide variable-width production. The flexible page widths, in combination with angle bars, will give the paper more page and color capacity without the need for an additional tower, according to the publisher’s general manager.

Lewiston marks MAN Roland’s third U.S. sale of a Uniset 75 to be run as a three-page-across press. “It’s a flexible format, with variable web-width solutions because of the nature of the single-former approach,” explains Ron Sams, MAN Roland newspaper sales vice president. It’s a cost-effective way for small and medium dailies to get more color and be able to take on commercial work, he says.

Sams says that the recent installation of a Uniset 75 at the News Tribune Co., Jefferson City, Mo., has attracted the attention of a number of publishers. “The Jefferson City model has helped customers see the potential of the flexible format,” he said.

In Lewiston, Tribune Publishing plans to equip the press with two folders to increase the range and amount of commercial work. The paper will install a half folder for newspaper work and a quarter folder for some commercial work. It may add a second folder in the future, which would allow two commercial jobs to be run at once.

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