‘Lio’ Comic Comments on ‘Legacy’ Strips

By: E&P Staff

Today’s “Lio” comic pictures the tombstones of four deceased comics. Marching past the graveyard are older cartoon characters still alive in newspapers.

?I was pointing out the irony of living cartoonists with dead strips, versus dead cartoonists with living strips,? said “Lio” creator Mark Tatulli of Universal Press Syndicate.

The tombstones in the comic — pictured here — are for “Bloom County,” “Calvin and Hobbes,” “The Far Side,” and the daily “FoxTrot.” Creators of those four comics (Berkeley Breathed, Bill Watterson, Gary Larson, and Bill Amend) are all alive.

Walking past the graveyard are Alley Oop, Andy Capp, Dagwood Bumstead, Dennis the Menace, Frank and Ernest, Hagar the Horrible, Nancy, and Shoe. All are characters in still-syndicated comics originated by now-deceased cartoonists.

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