Lio Meets Calvin and Hobbes in Comic Sequence

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By: E&P Staff

The “Lio” comic has been referencing the famous Calvin and Hobbes cartoon characters in a sequence that’s continuing today.

This week’s episodes of Mark Tatulli’s pantomime strip show the imaginative Lio kid creating Calvin (in a Frankenstein way). Calvin escapes, and races to a tiger exhibit at a zoo where he emerges from the gift shop with a stuffed animal that looks very much like the tiger Hobbes.

Lio gives chase. To find out what happened to him, see today’s comic here.

The “Calvin and Hobbes” comic by Bill Watterson ran in more than 2,000 newspapers during the latter part of its 1985-1996 run. It was distributed by Universal Press Syndicate, which also offers “Lio.”

As E&P reported April 23, The Comics Journal this spring described the 2006-launched “Lio” as the best comic strip since ‘Calvin and Hobbes.'”

This week’s “Lio” sequence was mentioned on Mike Rhode’s ComicsDC blog, which can be seen here.

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