Lisa Character in ‘Funky Winkerbean’ Comic Will Die Oct. 4

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By: E&P Staff

The Lisa Moore character in “Funky Winkerbean” will succumb to breast cancer next Thursday, Oct. 4, according to King Features Syndicate.

Following that, cartoonist Tom Batiuk will leap his characters and storylines 10 years into the future — often focusing on the daughters and sons of his 1972-launched comic’s original core characters.

And the Ohio-based Batiuk has teamed with the University Hospitals Ireland Cancer Center in Cleveland to create Lisa’s Legacy Fund for Cancer Research and Education. All the donations made to the fund will go to Cancer Center work, including the development of a breast cancer vaccine and improvements in chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

The Web site is scheduled to go online Oct. 2.

Batiuk and King will donate all royalties from “Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe” (Kent State University Press, Oct. 4) to the Cancer Center. The book includes the 1999 comics about Lisa’s initial battle with cancer, this year’s strips about the return of the disease, and resource material about breast cancer.

Batiuk, a prostate-cancer survivor himself, will be making various appearances to promote the new book .

The cartoonist, who does “Funky Winkerbean” for more than 400 newspapers, has received hundreds of letters and e-mails since beginning the current Lisa storyline this May.

Lisa will be survived by her husband Les and five-year-old daughter Summer.

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