Longtime Reuters Correspondent, Ross Mark, Dies at 80

By: E&P Staff

The Washington Post reported today that Ross Mark, a foreign correspondent for Reuters and the London Daily express, died on July 14. The cause of death was cancer.

Mark, a 53-year member of the National Press Club, was a syndicated reporter who covered everything from the Korean War and the Soviet Union to United States politics.

Born on a dairy farm in Australia, Mark first entered the newspaper industry working for the Sydney Sun. By 1948, he had moved to London and joined Reuters; it was this job that sent him to Korea two years later to report on the war. In 1952, Mark crossed the Atlantic to begin work at the Reuters-Australian Associated Press Bureau in New York City.

His international reporting accelerated from that point on. In 1959, he traveled to Moscow for the London Daily Express, for whom he covered Washington affairs. In Russia, Mark reported on such events as the U-2 spy plane trial of Francis Gary Powers, and astronaut Yuri Gagarin?s trip around the world. After Russia, it was off to Africa, where he covered the Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi wars. In all, he did not return to the States until 1976.

His later reporting work included coverage of the Cape Canaveral space launches, U.S. presidential races, and the Vietnam War, the latter of which he produced while in Vietnam. His Washington expertise aided his contributions to ?Divided They Stand?, a book produced by members of the Daily Express reporting staff that analyzed the 1968 presidential election.

The Washington Post described Mark as a unique character in the newspaper world, one who loved to travel and who persuaded the owner of the Daily Express to allow him to do so with his beloved ?Cotswold blue? Jaguar. The car accompanied him to both Moscow and Africa, where it eventually met its end in a crash when Mark covered a road race near Nairobi.

Mark is survived by his wife, four children, two brothers, 12 grandchildren, and a great-grandson.

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