Making a Switch: Trans-gendered Sportswriter Changes Byline

By: E&P Staff

In case anyone wonders if sportswriter Christina Kahrl is a sister or otherwise related to another sports reporter named Chris Kahrl, guess no more: they are one and the same.

Kahrl, who has been ?out? as transgendered for more than a year, but has never written about it, used the female moniker for the first time earlier this month as author for a story at the Salon site about the Oakland Raiders.

The blurb simply read: ?Christina Kahrl is a sportswriter who lives in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.?

Kahrl has freelanced for newspapers and magazines but is best known as a founding columnist for Baseball Prospectus, a popular Web site and book series. Kahrl tells Washington City Paper this week, ?I broke out in full form. ‘Christina’ was one of those things I wanted to see.?

Kahrl claims that since beginning to live as a woman in 2003, ?Nobody has batted an eye. Everybody has been great and supportive, from friends and family and colleagues.? The worst name-calling? “Baseball geek.”

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