MAN Roland Cuts Not Expected To Hurt U.S. Operations

By: Jim Rosenberg

Updated at 4:45 p.m. EST

Contrary to earlier reports, MAN Roland’s web press business will lose no jobs. In the U.S., MAN Roland Inc. CEO Yves Rogivue said today that the 1,000-plus job cuts announced last Tuesday in Germany apply to the entire corporation, a diversified manufacturer of industrial equipment and heavy vehicles.

Nevertheless, Rogivue said MAN Roland’s sheetfed sector is “very hard hit,” sustaining 700 of the cuts.

“Augsburg is not affected” said Rogivue, referring to his company’s larger web press plant, which builds big doublewide presses like the Geoman lines ordered by Detroit Newspapers. In the U.S., he added “we are actually hiring people. For us it’s completely different,” owing to a need to support installations and service.

The plant in Plauen makes singlewide presses and the Regioman one-around doublewide machines ordered for eight plants that print 11 dailies in six states.

The latest action follows press maker MAN Roland Druckmaschinen’s loss of $10 million in the quarter ended Sept. 30, according to an earlier Associated Press report. The company said 2002 worldwide earnings before taxes will be “slightly positive” and that its expectation of recording half of last year’s $89 million is “no longer achievable.”

The move comes on top of an earlier-announced reduction of 6,000 throughout the parent MAN AG organization, where the work force had exceeded 75,000.

MAN AG reported earning $26 million for the quarter, compared with a $59 million loss in the same period in 2001. Sales of $3.8 billion were down 6% from the year-ago figure.

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