MAN Roland to Build 3-Wide Presses

By: Jim Rosenberg

MAN Roland Inc. announced new 3-by-2 and 3-by-1 presses designed to print 50% more pages per unit than singlewide presses, and do so in less time on a shorter press line running fewer webs and requiring fewer operators, according to the U.S. unit of the German pressmaker.

The three-wide, two-around model is a 75,000-copy-per-hour (cph) Uniset capable of combining broadsheet and tabloid pages in one product from one press run and switching easily between three- and two-wide operation.

The one-around model is a Cromoman on which mechanical and electronic refinements raised its top speed to 70,000 cph. With greater output suited for newspapers that run up to 48 broadsheet pages, the Cromoman also can produce inserts and, if equipped with a dryer, print on coated stock.

The presses “redefine key categories for the industry,” affording buyers the additional choices of 12- and six-page machines, said Vincent H. Lapinski, MAN’s senior vice president, web operations.

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