MAN Roland Upgrading Two Quebecor Media Hybrid Sites

By: E&P Staff

Quebecor Media Inc., one of Canada’s largest printers and publishers, has contracted with MAN Roland North America to convert two of its production facilities into true hybrid operations for newspaper and commercial printing.

When Quebecor Media’s Mirabel Printing, near Montreal, and Wide Web Printing, near Toronto, are converted, both sites will be able to use their current Colorman presses to quickly produce quality newspaper and commercial work, according to MAN Roland.

Installation is to begin in August at Mirabel and October at Wide Web, with new equipment in production next March and May, respectively.

Both plants have run modified hybrid operations since early 2007. With additional printing towers and Megtec dual dryers, the plants will be the “first in North America to produce heatset products on such a large scale,” according to the press maker.

Accommodating formats up to 54 inches wide, the Quebecor Media plants will be able to produce various newspapers and telephone directories and become outsourcers for their regions.

To fulfill Quebecor Media’s objectives, MAN Roland will integrate its commercial folders, automation and press controls to achieve versatility and flexibility in the printing system platform.

“Because press schedules are very full at both Quebecor locations, it was important to develop installation and implementation schedules that will minimize disruptions,” as well as dedicate a project-management team with special resources, MAN Roland Newspaper Web Sales Vice President Ron Sams said in a statement.

“Our vision from the beginning … was to build a printing facility that would be fully utilized nearly 24 hours a day and deliver a lower cost to print on a very flexible printing platform,” Quebecor Media Production Vice President Nolin Richard said in announcing the project.

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