Man Will Stand Trial for Stealing Newspaper Racks

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A Cleveland man will stand trial on Feb. 14 in municipal court on charges of stealing nearly a dozen newspaper racks, authorities said.

Leonard Siders, 41, was charged this week with petit larceny.

“Local and out-of-town paper racks were stolen from different stores. Siders was trying to get everybody. He was getting the change out of these stands,” said police Investigator Stig Peterson.

“Over the weekend, Siders stole a total of 11 stands,” he said.

Peterson said officers were led to Siders after watching a surveillance video tapes at one of the stores where a rack was taken.

“We were able to get a description of the suspect and the vehicle he drove after watching the tape,” he said.

Peterson said Siders’ car was stopped Wednesday for an expired tag and a suspended driver’s license.

“He told us where he dumped the stands and we recovered a total of six stands on Wednesday. We are hoping to find more.

“We found several stands in the water. He had thrown them over bridges in several locations all over Bolivar County. We recovered those that weren’t all the way under water. Some were just laying on a ditch bank,” Peterson said.

Siders was freed on $2,600 bond after an initial court appearance.

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