Marciuliano Will ‘Sally Forth’ Into ‘Bizarro’ Guest Comic Gig

By: E&P Staff

“Sally Forth” cartoonist Francesco Marciuliano will take over fellow King Features Syndicate cartoonist Dan Piraro’s “Bizarro” panel next week.

Marciuliano told Comics Curmudgeon blogger Josh Fruhlinger that he’ll do the July 28-August 2 comics as well as the Aug. 24 Sunday strip.

The panel “will still appear under the name ‘Bizarro’ but will feature my own comics and the URL for my webcomic ‘Medium Large,'” said Marciuliano.

He added jokingly that Piraro “will be reviewing each strip the day of publication on his blog, where he will surely pepper his critiques of my comics with such bon mots as ‘mere dilettante,’ ‘a national disgrace,’ and ‘this bastard has ruined me.'”

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