Mark Fiore Skewers China’s Darfur Role in Animation Helping ‘Dream for Darfur’ Group

By: E&P Staff

Mark Fiore, the syndicated creator of animated Web cartoons, has put together a new video that’s helping Mia Farrow’s Dream for Darfur organization.

The animation mocks China’s silence on the Darfur genocide and its use of next month’s Beijing Olympics to burnish its image. Fiore’s creation features an Olympic “mascot” named Gengen Genocide.

“My goal was to make a hard-hitting animation that explains China’s role in the Darfur genocide and why we just can’t sit back in silence,” said Fiore. “The Olympic Games should be about the athletes and international cooperation, not about China’s government grandstanding and trying to show that everything is just fine.”

Dream for Darfur is encouraging Olympic viewers to switch to programming about Darfur (on the DFD Web site) during the commercials of corporate sponsors that have made no effort to help Darfur civilians. There will also be alternative programming to the opening ceremony at the Beijing Games.

Fiore’s award-winning work is affiliated with uClick, a sister company to Universal Press Syndicate. His political animations appear on various Web sites.

His Darfur video can be seen here.

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