MarketWatch Targets by Behavior, Visitors’ Workplace

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By: E&P Staff is the first Web site to offer combined behavioral and workplace advertising targeting, according to Revenue Science Inc., which provides technology for online publishers.

The Bellevue, Wash.-based firm recently signed an agreement to provide MarketWatch with its Switched-On Audience Select service. The program will allow advertisers to target their campaigns both on visitor behavior and workplace domain address. “For example, an advertiser could have the opportunity to target ‘Technology Professionals,’ by offering a segment based on employees within a group of technology companies,” Revenue Science said in a statement.

Advertisers will have the option to target virtually any groups they request, including “active investors” and “Fortune 100 businesses,” said Scot McLernon, executive vice president of sales & marketing for MarketWatch. Revenue Science’s workplace targeting is based on various data sources to pinpoint the domain names and types of industries that Web visitors are coming from.

In the last year, online publishers have deployed increasingly sophisticated targeting technologies in an effort to improve advertising efficiency.

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