Massachusetts Publisher Fires Newspaper Editor After Pay-Equality Spat

Jeffrey Good was fired Monday from his job as the executive editor for a group of New England newspapers. Then he was asked to sign a non-disparagement clause in exchange for a generous severance payment. He said no.

So Good feels free to detail the circumstances that preceded his dismissal, and they are worth detailing.

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One thought on “Massachusetts Publisher Fires Newspaper Editor After Pay-Equality Spat

  • February 1, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    another he said-she said item that misses a few points … such as: should pay not be based on merit? or: since when is the description of a female as a girl an almost criminal offence?
    so mr. good won a pulitzer 23 years ago: so what? a pulitzer, in and of itself, is comparing apples and oranges, at its best, and awarding people who produce bald lies, at its worst … it is NOT a yardstick …
    and a minor aside: let us say, for the sake of fun, that those who are earning more are more experienced (politically incorrectly: older) people who simply had experienced more annual raises than those who demand to be put on equal footing with them … does a cub reporter deserve to be paid the same?


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