MassTransit Moves Transcontinental’s Files

By: E&P Staff

Transcontinental Inc. is standardizing on MassTransit from network workflow software developer Group Logic, Arlington, Va., to transfer digital file across its 60 plants. Transcontinental is Canada’s largest printer, second largest community newspaper publisher, and a leading consumer magazine publisher.

MassTransit provides secure file-transfers, “allowing our business units and printing plants to easily share files and quickly respond to last-minute customer requests,” Transcontinental Premedia Group Vice President Nicky Miller said in a statement.

By automating delivery, plants no longer must wait to download files through FTP. MassTransit is a key application for improving Transcontinental’s file transfer infrastructure and Premedia production workflows for the launch of its Horizon 2005 business project.

Since MassTransit manages all aspects file transfer, it ensures accountability and visibility throughout the process, alerting Transcontinental in real time to any transfer issues. With MassTransit’s e-mail notifications, each Transcontinental print site knows exactly when a file is transferred or a transmission error occurs.

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