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GOP Insurgent Was Dot-Com Leader

John McCain may have bowed out of the Republican primary battle yesterday, but he can
take solace in being named the winner of the dot-com battle. The Senator from Arizona
received more traffic at his Web site ( than any other
candidate during the last five weeks, according to Nielsen//NetRatings of New York.

The Republican frontrunner George W. Bush ( came in second
place. Analysts at Nielsen//NetRatings point out that current Web users are
predominantly male and upper income, which skews toward Republican voters.

Indeed, traffic to and fell below the ratings firm’s
reporting cutoff of 116,000 unique visitors. During the last four weeks, Bush’s site
received 275,096 unique visitors, while McCain got 434,543.

Visitors to McCain’s site were 55% male and 63% were 35 or older. Sixty-eight percent
make $50,000 or more annually, and 52% have college or graduate degrees. Ninety-three
percent were white.

Nielsen//NetRatings says candidates are probably using e-mail more effectively than
their Web sites. Candidates like Bradley used e-mail to recruit volunteers and organize
local events.


Staff reports

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