McClatchy’s Charlotte Hub: Less Copy Editing, More Newspapers

The Charlotte publishing hub that produces The News & Observer always has been quite busy. It got busier in August, and the current workload will double in the next few months.

This is all part of McClatchy Company’s goal to have hubs produce all 28 of its newspapers by sometime in the first quarter of 2017, according to Robin Johnston, the director of the Charlotte hub, called McClatchy News Desk East. Late this summer, McClatchy added a hub at the Kansas City Star to the existing hubs at The Charlotte Observer and at The Sacramento Bee, McClatchy’s flagship newspaper.

“We’re in various states of expansion,” said Johnston, who added that the plan is for none of the hubs to bring in more than 10 newspapers. “It’s still being negotiated. As other newspapers come in, we take on more staff, often from those newspapers.”

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