MediaNews Group’s Interactive Initiative: Brave, But Late?

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By: E&P Staff

Just what is MediaNews Group up to with the new Interactive initiative it plans to roll out to its Web sites? A memo to employees posted on offers details of the meeting with high-level MediaNews Group executives.

MediaNews Group CEO Dean Singleton and President Jody Lodovic indicated that the company will move toward some type of paid content model, grow its audience by offering niche sites and move away from bundled sales, particularly with classifieds.

As David Kaplan at paidContent pointed out, these ideas outlined in the memo should have been implemented a long time ago — especially the strategy of separating online from print ad sales. Companies like McClatchy have moved away from this type of selling strategy for some time now.

“While these ideas — none of which are all that radical or different from what Gannett and other newspaper publishers have been trying in recent years — could help maintain newspapers fairly strong audience growth, the ad solutions are a bit more tricky,” Kaplan wrote. Trying to sell several different sites will take a very coordinated effort.

Read more of paidContent’s take, here.

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