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By: Press Release | Mediaspectrum

Mar 21, 2012 — Mediaspectrum, Inc.® today unveiled breakthrough advancements to its Cloud technology platform, enabling enterprise mobility and monetization unlike ever before. With its unique ability to capture user behavior across every mobile channel, device, or app, Mediaspectrum’s new Precision technology further interprets this data to deliver strategically priced products and services for improved usage, satisfaction, and revenue.

“As the mobile world continues to expand, it’s become increasingly complicated for executives to successfully monitor their user base across the multitude of available channels,” said Scott Killoh, CEO at Mediaspectrum. “Meanwhile, a holistic understanding of how customers interact and respond to your product is more important than ever. Mediaspectrum solves this—first developed for media publishers, our platform applies to any enterprise looking to realize business value from their mobile users. Our latest technology is exactly what every organization requires to own, apply, and monetize their deep data across the entire mobile ecosystem.”

Today’s audiences are creating “digital footprints” of activity across a fast transforming media enterprise. Until now, companies have lacked the solution capable of consolidating this insight into a single environment. Mediaspectrum empowers these businesses with a new level of intelligence that merges print, digital, and mobile customer data with both offline and online activity. Precision’s technology gathers and prepares this information via user insights, which can be leveraged to immediately impact transactions and sales in real-time. By understanding customers at this core level, businesses are able to deliver rich and targeted products that are also priced appropriately to enhance user trust, experience, and ultimate revenue potential.

Managing audiences across the myriad of mobile channels is a tremendous task, particularly with data becoming more and more fragmented into digital silos. Using Mediaspectrum, enterprises succeed in consolidating every core aspect of their businesses via a single technology environment.

Mediaspectrum Precision Technology—How it Works:

  • Collects and integrates behavioral, financial, and sales transactional data into a single, consolidated view.
  • Companies gain immediate insight into critical consumer interactions happening across every type of channel, device, or app, including print, Web, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Data is interpreted to help deliver products, pricing, and services that are most relevant to individual consumer interests and demands.
  • Improved customer trust, satisfaction ultimately drives new sales and revenue.

Today’s new Precision technology joins Mediaspectrum’s family of award-winning solutions that support all the participants in the mobile and multi-channel ecosystem. Its applications cover mobile content management, advertising, customer relationship management, and commerce for every mobile format. Enterprises can run these solutions in the Mediaspectrum Cloud, or host them locally within the organization.

About Mediaspectrum

Founded in 2001, Mediaspectrum delivers the breakthrough technology today’s enterprise requires to own, apply, and monetize their entire mobile ecosystem. With billions of dollars of content and sales that pass through our systems, we empower the world’s largest enterprises in the mobile age. Mediaspectrum is a Boston-based company with approximately 100 employees worldwide, including offices in Boston, London, Moscow and Sydney. We are also found on the Web at


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