MEI Debuts InWord for SoftCare K4

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By: E&P Staff

At Nexpo 2008, in Washington, D.C., Managing Editor Inc., Jenkintown, Pa., plans to show InWord, which connects Microsoft Word 2007 users with the SoftCare K4 Publishing System, allowing writers and editors who prefer Word to use the familiar software to create, edit and copyfit articles in the K4 database.

Within the Word 2007 interface, InWord adds a custom ribbon featuring K4-specific functions, including Check Out, New from Template and Check In. In copyfit mode, users write to fit against K4-managed InDesign documents with an updatable progress bar and customized overset indicators. InWord’s layout preview shows articles in place on a page if they have been attached to InDesign layouts or built with templates.

InWord is the first tool that lets Word users work on articles in K4 just as they would with InCopy — particularly useful for K4 workflows that rely on casual, part-time, freelance or other contributors and copy reviewers who lack InCopy training or experience. In most editorial systems, these Word users are excluded from the subsequent workflow once their copy is imported into the database. With InWord, they are included through the end of an article’s life cycle, with secure access to documents, revisions and production information.

From file management and workflow information to overset indicators, users have the same K4 benefits as InCopy users -without leaving the Word window, where they can continue working with familiar Word tools.

MEI said it will show three other K4 add-ons. JumpStory, a new solution for managing articles spanning multiple InDesign pages or documents, automatically ensures that stories stay linked, maintaining text flow, page-number references and jumpline text styles, even if content or geometry changes in another file. InPorter is a server-side product that automatically brings all types of content, including XML, InCopy documents, and images with XMP, directly into a K4 workflow. InQuery RSS, a window into live K4 workflows, presents users with a clear overview via a Really Simple Syndication feed, enabling any Internet-enabled device to query K4 to see layouts, images and story previews with metadata.

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