MEI Sells InnovativeAds, K4 System

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By: E&P Staff

In recent purchases from Managing Editor Inc., the Bismarck (N.D.) Tribune is further automating its ad-layout process with the Innovative Ads module, and Gannett’s Pacific Publishing unit is moving onto SoftCare’s K4 Publishing System for its seven non-daily print and online publications.

The Jenkintown, Pa., systems supplier sold the Tribune the Innovative Ads module for MEI’s Page Director Ad Layout System (ALS). The Tribune is the latest to license the module that manages complex, polygonal and multi-layer ads within ALS.

“Everybody’s looking to create something different and fresh,” Tribune Advertising Sales Manager Kristin said in a statement. “Any tool that makes it easier to put it all together helps us bring in more revenue.”

Along with Innovative Ads, the paper purchased upgrades for ALS and FiFi XT, MEI’s Find File Links tool for QuarkXPress.

“This technology gives newspapers a chance to rethink their ideas about page layout and what catches a reader’s eye,” MEI Sales Vice President Steven Haught, said in announcing the sale.

The Innovative Ads module enables users to quickly and easily incorporate the kinds of uniquely shaped ads — even those with multiple layers — often sought by advertisers into the ALS runsheet and workflow rather than resorting to manual intervention and guesswork, according to MEI.

Arizona-based Gannett Pacific Publishing bought SoftCare’s K4 Publishing System to produce seven non-daily print and online publications, including MustDo magazines,, 101Things to Do magazines,,, Your Health Monthly, Community magazines and TV y Mas.

K4 integrates with Adobe InDesign and InCopy, offering a design and editorial workflow system that allows publishers to manage both print and online content. The system features multi-level security controls, open SQL architecture, as well as an optional module that lets users write, edit and copyfit articles from remote locations.

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