‘Merry-Go-Round’ Continues With Another Syndicate

By: Dave Astor

“Washington Merry-Go-Round” may no longer have Jack Anderson’s byline, but it will continue to be written by his column partner and distributed by another syndicate.

United Media announced Friday that Anderson, 81, is too ill with Parkinson’s disease to continue his 57-year involvement with the famous investigative feature — which was originally founded in 1932.

Douglas Cohn, who has worked with Anderson for 18 years and been his column partner for five, told E&P that “Washington Merry-Go-Round” will continue to be available via the U.S. News Syndicate in McLean, Va. “This remains the nation’s longest-running column,” said Cohn, who has been writing it with Eleanor Clift for several years.

Clift is the political correspondent for Newsweek magazine and a regular on TV’s “The McLaughlin Group.”

When asked why “Washington Merry-Go-Round” will no longer be syndicated by United, Cohn replied: “The contract ended on June 30.”

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