‘Miami Herald’ Deploys Syncronex Billing Module

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By: E&P Staff

The Miami Herald has deployed the billing module from Syncronex in Bellevue, Wash., to its retailers, changing its single-copy operations and relationships with distributors. The Mobile Printing add-on enables drivers to capture signatures for proof of delivery and generate receipts and invoices.

Originally purchased to help reduce returns, the system allows the Herald to view rack information within the following week and location data the next day — as soon as agents upload data from their hand-helds to the circulation system. This allows single-copy managers to maintain a low return percentage and reduce costs. The Syncronex application now has evolved into a comprehensive single-copy operation solution.

With the introduction of the billing module and the ability to upload draw and return information directly into the circulation system, distributors need not collect a bill from each store and manage invoicing. “Their roles have changed dramatically,” Single Copy Director Esther Ortiz said in a statement. “Distributors no longer have to be responsible for the buy and sell process, and shift into becoming pure delivery agents. This increases accountability for and control over our single copy operations.”

Syncronex provides mobile worker technology for the media distribution market. Its handheld solutions automate field and customer processes by integrating enterprise data and simplifying communication through secure wireless technologies.

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