By: Lucia Moses

Paginated Pages Sent Via the Internet

by Lucia Moses

For more than 50 years, Americans traveling to Latin America and
the Caribbean who wanted news from back home could pick up The
Miami Herald in major cities and tourist spots. The Herald called
its overseas edition the Clipper, for the Pan Am airplanes that
delivered it to foreign cities.

But with the high delivery cost, the Clipper was hemorrhaging
money. In 1998, the Herald began printing its overseas edition
at Latin American partner papers via satellite, which helped
reduce losses, but kept the program in the red.

Now, thanks to improved technology, the Herald can dispatch
paginated pages over the Internet at a fraction of the cost
of the old methods.

That change has led the paper to launch an expanded overseas
edition. Starting Sept. 1, the Herald will produce its state
edition via the Internet in six new Caribbean markets, for a
total of nine.

‘I think it’ll be profitable by the end of the year,’ said
Flint Craig, vice president of new business for the Herald.

By year’s end, the Herald plans to remake its overseas edition
with an emphasis on nationwide U.S. news, targeting U.S.
tourists as well as Latin American businesspeople, with an eye
toward attracting national advertising.

‘I don’t know what the ultimate revenue potential is, but if
we can amass a Caribbean full of American tourists, that is a
much easier national sale than trying to convince advertisers
that readers of the international edition are likely to come
to America to shop,’ Herald Publisher Alberto Ibargen said.

The Caribbean expansion will be slow at first. But with 9.4
million Americans traveling to the Caribbean last year, Craig
believes the Herald has the potential to sell as many as 40,000
daily copies there.

‘We’re expecting this to skyrocket,’ Craig said. ‘If it works in
the Caribbean, we can identify some high-tourist markets, and
we’ll expand there.’


Lucia Moses (lmoses@editorandpublisher.com) is an associate editor
for E&P.

(c) Copyright 2000, Editor & Publisher

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