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By: E&P Staff

Yesterday’s “Doonesbury” comic mentioned that a military blog moved to as of yesterday.

“The Sandbox” blog features posts from soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. A character in Garry Trudeau’s Sunday strip says: “(I)f you support the troops — but haven’t a clue what they’re actually up to — you owe it to yourself to log onto ‘The Sandbox’! It’s YOUR war, America! Check it out or you-know-who wins!”

Trudeau has previously noted ( that the blog will help the many Americans who don’t know anyone in the military get a better sense of the sacrifices soldiers are making.

During the past couple of years, “Doonesbury” has often focused on the B.D. character and his struggle to recover from losing a leg in Iraq.

“Doonesbury” appears in about 1,400 newspapers via Universal Press Syndicate.

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