Mississippi Mystery: Who’s Stealing All The Newsracks?

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By: E&P Staff

Single-copy sales of The Meridian (Miss.) Star have been unusually profitable recently — profitable, that is, for the thieves who are stealing the 15,000-circulation daily’s newsracks.

In the past three weeks, someone or some gang has stolen 11 Meridian Star racks, as well as a number of USA Today honor boxes. Most of the newsracks have been recovered, with their change boxes missing, the Star reported Friday in an article by staff writer Brian Livingston.

Thieves have also targeted the newsracks of The Clarion Ledger, but in those cases the racks have been left behind and the change boxes spirited off.

Meridian Star Publisher Crystal Dupre is offering a reward of $100, or a free year’s subscription, for information leading to the arrest of the thieves.

And Circulation District Manager Mark Overby is asking the public to alert police if they see anyone with a newsrack in their vehicle. Don’t think those are Star employees, he says.

“There are very few of us at the Star who would be driving around with a rack in the back of their vehicle, especially early in the morning hours when we believe these thefts are happening,” Overby told the paper.

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