MONDAY’S LETTERS: Coulter ‘Dixie-Chicked’ by Papers, Who’s a Journalist?, ‘Harping’ on WMDs

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By: E&P Staff

in today’s letters, more readers react to some newspapers’ decision to drop columnist Ann Coulter, while another reader agrees that bloggers can now be considered journalists, and another sees bias in the focus on “so-called civilians” killed in Iraq.


Defining ‘Journalist’

I quite enjoyed your editorial about today’s journalists and agree with your points but was surprised you didn’t point out that many bloggers are willing to do the research/digging that too many of the “big ego” journalists aren’t prepared to do.

Another advantage of alternative reporting is that I can read about the same event/news item from several points of views. This dilutes any one report’s prejudice/bias.

L. Gurr

Just because a cat has kittens in the oven, it doesn’t make them biscuits. Similarly, just because you get a paycheck from a journal, it doesn’t mean you’re a journalist.

When I was a teenager, I thought adults were smart. Now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I’m astonished at how stupid, eccentric or eccentrically stupid most “experts”, usually adult humans, really are. It’s no wonder that mankind is in such a state of disorder all the time.

Gerrard Rudmin
Dexter, Maine


More Newspapers Drop Coulter

It seems only fitting that Coulter should be dropped from EVERY newspaper in the country. She is NOT a journalist. She is a gossip columnist and should be relegated to those papers that promote such yellow journalism, like the National Inquirer.

I consider myself very open-minded and I like to hear both sides of every issue to make informed decisions and to understand the big picture.

I cannot listen or watch her anymore. She spews opinion, innuendo, gossip and out right wrong information or to put it more succinctly, she lies!. She is a master at taking a subject and turning it into a farce with false and inaccurate statements. Nothing based on fact. I find myself being embarrassed for the profession, that she should be considered a journalist or serious political reporter would be laughable if she wasn’t such a black mark on the profession and so dangerous. …

She is rude, disrespectful, arrogant, without justification, and in the skeem of things, a very ‘stupid’ woman. And there’s another issue to be embarrassed about… she’s a woman. Or, if we believe the same kind of lies and innuendo she purports when ever she opens her mouth, is she a woman? I kinda hope not, she is a disgrace to the gender. I have always suspected someone else writes her copy, she just performs it!

America cannot be represented by this person. …

Liz McNamara

Anne Coulter got Dixie Chicked.

Karin O’Brien

So many letters protesting the liberals protesting Ann Coulter! It isn’t about right wing or left wing, folks. It’s about the woman’s lack of professionalism, hate-mongering, and adolescent public behavior She admitted herself that the term she used was a “schoolyard taunt.” Shouldn’t we expect something more mature and thoughtful from a professional commentator? I’ve read that some have called her “insane,” but to my mind she is a pitiful and sleazy entertainer, though cagey in the way she plays to her thoughtless audience. The newspapers that have dropped her are to be commended for upholding a standard of decency. It should not take courage to deny her space in their publications. That it seems to is a troubling measure of the political divisiveness she has so eagerly promoted.

Bob Kalsey
San Francisco, Calif.

Newspapers, TV media analysts, Republicans, Democrats, moms, dads, high school and college students, the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker all figured out what [Ann Coulter] made no effort to disguise: she considers John Edwards to be (or, possibly, to appear) gay. And rather than use an accurate word to say so, she chose an offensive one.

She is allowed to be offensive. Others, including newspapers, are allowed to refuse to provide her with yet another avenue in which to be offensive. Howard Stern rightly lost his soapbox, and he had to find another. … She’s made plenty of money from her caustic prose, and she still has her Web site (if she’s ever brave enough to put it back online).

Stephen Scapelliti
Farmington Hills, Mich.

As many papers are just beginning to understand Ann Coulter’s true ID as that of an “anti-journalist” and provoking her own interpretation of a “Culture Clash,” she continues to offer no fresh critique as a so-called conservative columnist or neither that of an honorable political critic.

As highlighted in the recent E&P article by David Astor, many are now looking at the ‘shock and awful awe’ mentality that she provides as “hyperbolae of hate.” There is no room for conservative, liberal or progressive writers to assume such “bad manners” on the national stage — it truly is amazing to me she is still offered by a major newspaper syndicate and/or defended by one!

John Osborne


Keep Harping on the Press

… The political world keeps worrying about nuclear weapons despite the enormous carnage from non-nuclear explosives.

Not only are we sustaining far more casualties than the administration projected, we are not caring for them.

Scooter was convicted of perjury. Have we REALLY connected the dots of how losing Plame’s CIA investigation destroyed our source of intel in Iran? How convenient that we now have to rely on less reliable sources. And we can get overheated by the idea that in 5 to 10 years, Iran might have a nuclear bomb it could drop — somewhere in the Middle East.

Please keep harping on news outlets to strenuously question the facts and the logic of these reports before they spread them. They could also question more Middle East specialists and report their opinions when other media are pushing the questionable stories.

Virginia Cotts
Wheat Ridge, Colo.


Re: U.S. Military Defends Deleting AP Images From Afghanistan

I’m in total agreement with the military. So much so, I would venture to say I suspect that the majority of Americans agree with me. As far as my observations of the typical reporting by all mainstream media sources, internationally as well as within the U.S., there has not been a shred of beneficial information produced from any reporter, experienced or not.

It seems the purpose of it all is to mislead, misinform, and influence political decisions world wide and in the U.S. A good example involves the quick reporting of “so-called’ innocent civilians being killed. In every case I’ve read about, the major focus: it’s always American or allied forces that causes the horrible fatalities. Why is that? Never is the blame placed where it should be: on the terrorists! They are the ones with a Jihad and agenda of death and destruction to all infidels, with a target for world domination. My challenge to you and other news sources is simple: start surveying people and see the end results, and prove me wrong … PLEASE! I think everyone would love to see those results.

Robert Simonds, Sr.
Houston, Texas

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