MONDAY’S LETTERS: No Love for Cohen, ‘WaPo’ Editorial’s Contradictions, Global Warming ‘Hysteria’

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, more praise for Greg Mitchell’s skewering of Richard Cohen, questions about global warming “hysteria,” and questions about the Washington Post’s righty editorial.

No Love For Richard Cohen

I did combat duty in Viet Nam, but had no inside information for the many years prior to “shock and awe”. Yet it was obvious to me — just following the news — in 2002/3 that Bush was planning a totally unneccesary attack on Iraq. We should not congratulate any news analyst for having forseen the disaster, but should condemn and remove the utterly incompetent “leaders” who put our Beloved Country into this mess!! Thanks for your follow-up on Cohen.

R.T. Carpenter
Lynn Haven, Florida


I’ve depised Cohen since 2000 when he blamed his own parents in Palm Beach for voting incorrectly… and even went on, inexplicably, to say if he could do over he’d have voted for Bush.

Thank you so much for your brilliant skewering of Cohen.

I also went and read your piece on Chris Hedges. I’m not sure I could read his book “War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning” because I detest people for whom that is true and so I’m not sure I could stomach the read. It’s true for many, I’m sure… I heard Barney Frank speak to his constituents and he was trying to explain HOW his warmonger colleagues could feel they were acting “morally.” He said for some having an enemy gives them “meaning.”

Robyn Miller


‘WaPo’ Editorial Contradicts Edit

Are you sure it was not Ben Domenech who wrote that editorial? It reads like it was lifted right off of

Steve Schwenk


I am not going to write off the Washington Post into the dustbin of history just because it ran one of the most malinformed and mendacious editorials in the history of journalism this Sunday.

I do, however, suggest that it summarily fire the person responsible for penning “The Good Leak.”

Evidence seems to point in the direction of one Mr. Fred Hiatt, but then again, he may be plagiarizing from one Ben Domenech, who flamed across their pages recently.

Whoever it is, he’s obviously a “useful tool” for Karl Rove and a total toadie for the Bush Administration, which succeeded (with the Post’s editorial help, I might add) in misleading, if not outright lying our country into a bloody, disastrous and expensively unnecessary War on Iraq and then into scaring our citizenry into re-electing that same incompetent, “all-war, all-the-time” President in 2004.

It’s too late to ask George W. Bush and his administration to take back their lies. They’ve already inflicted too much blood on us and the world. They’ve already stuck each American child with a “birth tax” of over $30,000 per child to pay for their misbegotten war and their tax cuts for millionaires.

However, it’s not too late for the Post to apologize for its misrepresentations or lies. It’s not too late to remember the late, great Katharine Graham and to restore a sense of truth and honor to the pages of the once-great Washington Post.

As George Eliot said — “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

David Wyles
Playa Del Rey, CA


Global Warming Threat Overblown?

It is more than a little gratifying to see that the American public is not buying into the current Global Warming hysteria festival.

I recall a C-SPAN panel discussion just a few years ago on this then-fringe issue, and remember vividly how this panel was dumbfounded and silent when confronted by a question from a senior climate scientist, asking, in effect, “Do you realize that the science you base this nonsense on is garbage?” Al Gore’s persistence still hasn’t changed this fundamental fact.

It was but a quarter-century ago that Time Magazine (and many of its peers) were in an equal state of panic about the inevitable *ice age* that was pending the planet if “urgent action” wasn’t taken. The not-too-surprising irony was that, somehow, some way, “cooling” was America’s fault, just as “warming” is now. Either way, agenda-based half-baked science published via media shills with an anti-West predisposition is, fortunately, finding no more traction in the 21st century than it did in the 20th. We can only hope the trend continues, and that such ludicrous hysteria never becomes the legitimate basis for actual public policy.

David Whitney
Oklahoma City, OK


‘Torture’ Is in the Water Board of the Beholder

In all the NY Times’ efforts to highlight and hyperbolize so-called “torture” at Guantanamo — and the Times’ efforts have been yeoman — I never heard mention of Boniato Prison in Cuba which is just a stone’s throw from Guantanamo. Boniato is near Santiago de Cuba, and it’s a holdover from Castro’s original torture-pit prisons, one in which he loved experimenting with the latest depraved techniques borrowed from the East German Stasi. Boniato Prison is still in operation, and it’s, coincidentally, where Castro throws in a good number of “dissident” journalists.

Just wondering if it ever occurs to the Times to mention the REAL torture and horrifying prison deprivation that Castro inflicts upon those who stand up against his repression, right next door to where the Times fantasizes that “torture” occurs?

Bob Strauss, Jr.

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