MONDAY’S LETTERS: Praise for Mitchell’s Commentary on Richard Cohen’s Flip Flop on War

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Today’s letters include praise for Greg Mitchell’s column on the Washington Post’s columnist Richard Cohen, who once derided skeptics of the Iraq war and now finds that the president was driven by wanting war too badly.


Thank you for doing your job as a journalist and exposing the corruption of too many mainstream journalists today.

Tom Johnson
Buffalo, NY


Bravo for your excellent undressing of Richard Cohen, war groupie, a metaphor for so many others.

I happen to be at the moment writing an open letter to Thomas L. Friedman, with regards to his problem with France ( whom he declared in 2003 we were “at war” with).

Duncan Youngerman


I am a nobody, but I had to send you this email to praise your writing skills and you column about Richard Cohen. I had noticed his glaring inconsistencies and am glad you pointed them out. Keep up your outstanding work. This “preemptive” war doctrine that BOTH parties seem to accept is illogical and for the first time in my 60 years, I believe that the U.S. politicians are dangerous to the world.

Sam Weissman


Cohen’s a piece of work, ain’t he just? Thanks for skewering him. You might want to take on Drumbeater Hoagland next.

Bob Bauserman


Bravo and thank you [to Greg Mitchell for his article on Richard Cohen].

I’m a traditional conservative who has opposed this idiotic war and its supporters sThan ince I first saw it to be inevitable on 9/11. Please continue exposing these treasonous, evil neoconservatives and “liberals” whenever possible.

Something in-depth on the Walt/Mearshimer paper might be a good next step.

Thanks again,

Joel Cross
Marietta , GA


Normally these wankers get away with being “against it” and hoping we forgot that they were “for it” way before they were “against it.”

Marty B. O’Malley
Pittsburgh PA


Repeatedly I find you covering matters in the Old Fashioned way… Thank you.

Despite any ‘side’ I might believe or favor. … YOU… are doing the FUNCTION… of pen and word… thought and paper. And it has been missing, especially in our curernt cycle, of extarordinary events.

For whatever it is worth… many of us knew… and many of us… often… bloggers and emailers… were doing the coverage of the news and opinions… which the likes of Cohen … NYT… WASHED-UP POST… etc… failed to do… in their obliging — motivated— cover- and cover-up … with the Governments and Interests who defrauded our heritage… and soiled our Constitutional Government in the USA.

A while back…. E&P began some tangy coverage on the Media Muck… and the underlying…overarching POLICY and LIFE ISSUES… Thank You. THANKS E&P.

As ONE — Free Press — publication…. you and E&P redeemed matters to the point of renewed public awareness and discussion. Thanks for the re-start of this for our country.

Robert Alexander
Washington, DC

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