MONDAY’S LETTERS: Sonny Rollins, Jamil Hussein, Praise for Joe Galloway

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, praise for E&P’s posting of a Sonny Rollins/Leonard Cohen video, readers respond to Joe Galloway’s column on the Iraq War, another call’s E&P a “moonbat blog,” and some skepticism about the Jamil Hussein controversy at the Associated Press.


Seeing Sonny Rollins Live

I first wanted to thank you for posting the clip of Leonard Cohen and Sonny Rollins from epsiode 119 of the David Sanborn and Jools Holland show, “Sunday Night.” It brought back many wonderful memories as I was actually at that taping. I was 13 years old and the experience is etched in my mind. It was the first time I had ever heard Leonard Cohen and, well, I am just glad that I am able to say, “Yeah, I saw Sonny Rollins perform live.” I also wanted to let you know, if you do not already, that that night on the show they aired a clip of Sonny Rollins and Les Paul playing together on some television show from the ’50s. If you could track that down, I think you will find that you will never have a need to hold your breath.

Danny Medress


Praise for Joe Galloway

I agree with Mr. Galloway so much. My Daughter is in Bagdad and I worry about her every hour.

Dorothy Strinka

Thanks to Mr. Galloway for his clear indictment of the current version of the plan for Iraq Bush is expected to announce soon. However, I’d like to take one small exception to Mr. Galloway’s article, More Troops for Iraq: Bush’s Next ‘Flight from Reality’.

He stated: “How many more Americans and Iraqis must die to ensure that Bush’s parting words as he retreats to Crawford, Texas, will be: I never cut and ran. I stood tall. I kept America safe.”

Evidence of what was known inside the White House about an impending attack by Bin Laden very clearly suggests that in terms of “keeping America safe” Bush did nothing of the sort. He could more accurately retreat to Crawford saying, “I kept America safe. I was on vacation a lot.” Personally, I’m pulling for his retreat to be to a dock in The Hague for crimes against humanity.

Phillip Michaels


E&P ‘Moonbat’

It was bad enough that E&P provides a daily platform for the ignorant screed and cant of its geriatric hippie editor, who has been utterly inconsolable since the untimely demise of Ba’athism in Baghdad. But now you have set up yet another columnist to — to what, provide a contrasting viewpoint? Yeah, right. In the interest of truth in advertising, I propose a more accurate tag line: “E&P: All Mess-o-potamia All the Time!” — or, “E&P: Once a Credible Publication but Now Just Another Moonbat Blog”.

J. A. Marrit


The AP and Jamil Hussein

“I never understood why Iraqi authorities and the U.S. military questioned his existence,” [Kathleen Carroll] said. “We took the criticism seriously and we kept reporting on it and asking questions about the incident.”

It’s simple, Ms Carroll. We don’t believe you. You didn’t take the critics seriously. You tried to stonewall. You never did bother to answer questions. All you did was repeat your assertions, as if you’re too good to have to answer to your readers. And now you expect us to take your word for it that Jamil Hussein has been found? I don’t think so.

Fred Stone

So Jamil Hussein is a real person. It only took the AP six weeks to produce him, but hey, I won’t complain.

Now they can explain why the AP story featuring Hussein that started all this — regarding four burned mosques that really weren’t burned and charred bodies that weren’t charred — appears to be phonier than a $3 bill.

For many of the bloggers that E&P is busy excoriating, Hussein’s identity was only half of the issue next to the story’s accuracy, which they all were very open about. The AP quietly changed the story with nary a correction or retraction.

Funny how E&Ps coverage does not address the apparent gross factual errors in the AP story in question, likely because it does not fit your magazine’s agenda. Because Hussein is real, everything in the story is accurate, case closed. Not good enough.

You are not doing our credibility-strained profession any favors by cheerleading sloppy work or demonizing citizen critics who, from Memogate to Lebabon “fauxtography,” have lots to be skeptical about.

I am quickly coming to the unfortunate conclusion that the real story isn’t what can be found in E&P stories, but what you choose to leave out.

Kevin Craver
Crystal Lake, Ill.

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