MONDAY’S LETTERS: Views on Sheehan, ‘Wash Post’ Freedom March Sponsorship, And More

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Re: Local Paper Records Shots Fired at Sheehan Camp in Texas

Cindy Sheehan is a hero. John L Kerndt is an idiot [see below, last item]. I wish his son well, but he is a bad Christian and a bad American to wish Cindy to go straight to hell. If there is a noble cause in Iraq perhaps he or the administration will tell us what it is someday. Until then it is just a war started by lies, with no objectives to attain and no planning into an end game. What a shame that people still support this war of distraction. Until it ends we are all burdened with the sins of Bush Co.

Greg Klein
New York City


Re: Hank Stuever’s critique of The Washington Post

Hank Stuever pegged my sentiments exactly regarding current editorial pandering to an audience who regards newspapers as so much cat pan liner.

As quoted in Lesley Messer’s piece, he said, “I think we’ve over-listened to people who never read the paper, and yet insist it include more about their neighborhoods, lives, and concerns.”

Newspapers need more writers like Stuever who still care about the quality of newsprint and direct their efforts toward a readership that actually reads. As a freelance columnist, I have enjoyed the compliment of “you’re the only reason I buy that paper.” Knowing the mediocrity I am destined to retain, that depresses the hell out of me.

Can we get back to printing papers that rely more on wordsmiths and less on advertisers? More on seasoned journalists and less on hourly wage hacks? More on pushing the envelope of investigative reporting and less on lynching those who dare to reveal the truth? Can we figure out a way to pay reporters enough to encourage something more than simply meeting the deadline? How about running stories that captivate, intrigue, and inform instead of those that read like a fifth grade textbook or a glorified ad?

For those of us who work outside the newsroom, I applaud writers like Mr. Stuever who have the fortitude to say what needs to be said. For a business that relies on communication as its lifeblood, it never ceases to amaze me how newspaper administrators fail to listen to the people who buy and actually digest their pages or act on reader suggestions.

Kristen Twedt
Hattiesburg, Miss.


Re: ‘Wash Post’ Hit For Sponsorship Of ‘Freedom’ March

It doesn’t seem right for a national newspaper to co-sponsoring an event with a government agency that it covers. Worse still, this “Freedom Walk” cannot help but have an impact on public opinion about the Iraq War.

The Bush Administration is tentatively planning to use Sept. 11 for the President to sign the reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act. How can the Post cover the events of the day if it appears to be sponsoring part of the Administration’s PR backdrop?

The American Friends Service Committee has launched a letters campaign calling for the Post to drop its sponsorship of the Freedom Walk and avoid this conflict of interest.
More information is available at

John Treat


If the Washington Post co-sponsors what will inevitably be a partisan event, the “Freedom Walk” pro-war demonstration planned by the Pentagon, it will lose its standing as an objective source of news in our nation’s capital.

If it thinks any agency of the Bush administration can manage an event in honor of 9/11 without turning it into partisan pandering, it hasn’t been paying attention to the vile way the administration has used 9/11 as its justification for war. Non-stop. Period.

Calvin Ross
Napa Valley, Calif.


Does the Wash Post really want to be associated with Clint Black’s song on the “Freedom March”?

I am reminded of Tennyson’s more pertinent ?The Charge of the Light Brigade,? that says in part:

“‘Forward the Light Brigade!’
Was there a man dismay’d?
Not tho’ they knew someone had blunder’d:
Their’s not to make reply,
Their’s not to reason why,
Their’s but to do and die:
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.?

And were slaughtered.

Does anyone doubt that there are more people willing to attack American’s now, than there were before we attacked Iraq? That Iraqi women’s equality has been strongly undermined? That religious tensions have been exacerbated? That the likely outcome is civil war or a theocracy at best thinly disguised as a democracy (as in Iran). We have blundered.

Wilfred Candler


Re: Local Paper Records Shots Fired at Sheehan Camp in Texas

Cindy Sheehan can go straight to hell in my opinion. She’s dancing on the grave of her son and disgracing all of the troops serving their country today. She is being brainwashed by the left wing slime-balls and endangering our troops deployed.

I have a son in Iraq, as we speak, and am proud of his service. If he dies, it will not be in vain! And unlike Sheehan’s ignoble cry, it will be for a noble cause.

She needs to leave. Period!

John L. Kerndt
Woodland, Wash.

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