MONDAY’S LETTERS: Wishing Molly Ivins a Speedy Recovery, ‘D.C. Dick’

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, an outpouring of support and regard for Molly Ivins, and some thoughts on “D.C. Dick.”


Re: Molly Ivins’ Cancer ‘Back With a Vengeance’

Having read the E&P column about Molly Ivins’ illness, I am appealing to you for help.

Can you forward to Ms. Ivins my gratitude for her columns through the years? She was a true genius at using humor to make her points and she was wonderfully, beautifully honest in her appraisal of the rascals, reprobates and dunces too often rattling around our governments. She has my deepest admiration

Dayln Schaible
Yarnell, Ariz.

To whomever wrote the article updating Molly’s illness, I just wanted to extend my thoughts and prayers to her. Please pass this on to her! She has been (and as long as she has strength and breath) a vital asset to the American people. Thank you, Molly, for your persistence to truth in journalism!

Anita Lock

I have admired Molly Ivins maybe more than any other newspaper person. Hurray for her. Please send her best wishes and thanks.

Jane McCloskey
Deer Isle, Maine

I have been wondering why I haven’t seen any of Ms. Ivins columns recently; now I know. … Please convey to her that I, along with thousands of readers, love her and cherish every word she writes. She will be in my thoughts and prayers each day until she recovers–and every day after that.

M.E. Roche

Molly has made us laugh until it hurts, and now it hurts so to see her, in her trails, exhorting us to keep on laughing. Bless her for her humor and for her humanity.

Ray Kondrasuk
Eau Claire, Wis.

Molly Ivins, thank you for all the years you’ve been the gutsy, articulate, voice of intellegence that inspires both thought and action. Never did I read column without feeling re-energized, and somehow smarter:) We need you out here, as you know. Thank you for never giving up, for saying what needed to be said, for sharing your energy and brains. Take good care.

Jill Presley

Tell Molly that her friends are praying for her — whether she likes it or not. I had an opportunity to enjoy her company in the good old days at The Stoneleigh P*, of which I am still an owner. What a trip that was!

Theresa Alexander
Dallas, Texas

I can only say that Molly Ivins is a National Treasure and I wish her the best medical care she can receive. She has been a breath of truth and humor for me and for millions. Molly always tells it like it is. She wrote about the Texasification of America. More should have been listening.

John Coover
Madison, Wis.

I want to add my very warm feelings for Molly and her struggle. She has helped us see the light of day for so long, and I want her to know I have her in my thoughts. It will be hard for her to do, but I wish her to be at peace ….and hopefully we will carry on her fight to regain control of this country.

Miquel Correll
Houston, Texas

I wish with all my heart for Molly Ivans’ recovery. She has been a ray of hope and sunshine in a very dark period of our history. She has pulled no punches and done it with grace and humor. Please let her know that there are many people that she’s never met nor heard of who are praying for her now.

Frances Clark
Las Cruces, N.M.

Why is not the media telling what Ivins really has, Inflammatory Breast Cancer, or IBC.

Since October and the first in the world IBC clinic opened at MD Anderson in Houston, I would think this would be a way for Ivins to advocate for more education on the subject no one seems to want to talk about.

My daughter is still fighting this nasty beast, and only because doctors don’t talk about the worst kind of breast cancer, was she diagnosed at stage four in the beginning. Please, be an advocate and speak out about IBC.

Patti Bradfield
Redmond, Wash.

Please convey my best wishes to Ms. Ivins for a speedy and complete recovery and thank her for her incisive commentary and unfailing humor in the face of folly. I have read and appreciated her columns for many years and was fortunate to attend her lecture with Annie Lamott several years ago. She is the only person who can talk about George Bush and make me smile — normally completely unconnected events.

Irene Gillooly

I was so saddened to learn of Molly Ivins’ battle with cancer. Our country needs this no-nonsense, intelligent, and humorous woman in this time of war and lunacy. Ms. Ivins — I am hoping for your recovery and for many days ahead of doing what you do best- exposing wrong doing and making us think and be better Americans. I thank you and wish you success with your own awful struggle. You are always my beacon of hope in this southern town I call home.

Sally Eyles-Goldfarb

Please convey my love and respect and hope for healing to Molly. I never miss a column in Progressive and Common Dreams and forward her to everyone on my list. I LOVE HER! Her spunk, truthfulness, graciousness, efforts to educate us all … and especially her wonderful sense of humor! If there is a Heaven and the BIG IS is so disgusted with us, it may be necessary for her to cheer the place up! But I hope not for a long time. Peace, love and joy to Molly!!! And a great big hug and thank you!!!

Beth Bastasch
Aptos, Calif.

Please tell Ms. Ivins that I am thinking about and praying for her.? We need her so badly.

Marian Cole
Sunnyvale, Calif.

Like Molly I’m a victim of breast cancer. I really cannot stand the thought of losing her. She’s been a beacon of light for a lot of us and incredibly brave as she was one of very few people who dared speak out when the Bush group was threatening us all with being unpatriotic (and snooping on those of use who were protesting their stupid policies). … We want Molly Ivins alive and well!

Peggy Midling

I often wish I could spend an afternoon of regalement at some watering hole with Molly, something in the vein of the Algonquin. Her ferocity and humor have charmed many a bleak day with our current administration. What a blessing she is. And though it seems perhaps somewhat odd, I want to send her my love and admiration and gratitude.

Thank you, Molly!

Fran Salisbury
San Jose, Calif.

Please tell [Molly Ivins] that we are rooting for her in Colorado. I love her writing and her spirit. Hang in there.

Pat Hunter
Carbondale, Colo.


‘D.C. Dick’ Cheney

Unfortunately Chain-y (sic) is right when he says “… but we have in fact accomplished our objectives.”

Their “objective” from the get-go was to steal Iraq’s oil — as we anti-lie-anti-warriors said 4 years ago. And so, with the news this week that the mega-oil-corps are in final negotiations to do just that, well, the “objective” has been “accomplished.” Now, can the troops come home?

T. Quigly

“D.C. Dick” definitely gets my vote for his nickname. For multiple reasons.

Mike Finney
Watauga Texas

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