MONDAY’S LINKS: Analysts Abandoning Newspapers, ‘Inky’ Front-Page Ads, Civility Among Bloggers

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Jeff Jarvis decries the “schoolmarms” who would seek to create a code of conduct for bloggers, Gaza militants say they have killed a BBC reporter, and the Philadelphia Inquirer will now include front-page ads.


Philadelphia Inquirer: The Philadelphia Inquirer’s front page now will include ads.

Guardian: Jeff Jarvis says he’s not against civility, but he doesn’t need a blogger code of conduct, or “schoolmarms presuming to tell me how I should behave”

New York Times: Gaza militant group says it killed BBC reporter Alan Johnston.

Grade the News: The crisis of consolidation in Bay Area news media.

Capitol Times of Madison, Wis.: “The days of big newspapers that cover everything are over,” said the Politico’s Jim VandeHei.

Bloomberg: Readers were the first to abandon U.S. newspapers. Then advertisers and investors. Now analysts are joining the exodus.

Portfolio: Knight Ridder sacked, the New York Times Co. under pressure, layoffs pummeling newsrooms: How enigmatic asset manager Bruce Sherman became the scariest guy in journalism.

Chicago Tribune: Newspapers are leery of deals with Google and Yahoo.

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