MONDAY’S LINKS: Anonymous Sources, Philly Digests, Integrated Newsroom

By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Philadelphia’s newspapers are giving readers a color news digest inside the paper, Alicia Shepard is tired of media panels being full of white men, and Ed Wasserman considers how reporters should use truthful but self-interested anonymous sources.


The Philadelphia Inquirer and its sister paper, The Daily News, are giving readers a prominent color digest of the newspapers, right in the newspapers themselves. (New York Times)

Drew Curtis: The mass media, like nature, abhor a vacuum. Journalists have developed proven techniques to fill it. (Christian Science Monitor)

Alicia Shepard: I’m just really sick and tired of panels about the news business that are stacked with white men. It’s 2007, for heaven’s sake. (Eat the Press)

Tim Rutten: Frontline’s segment on the news media missed talking to LA Times executives. (Los Angeles Times)

Ed Wasserman: The dilemma of the evil but truthful source. (Miami Herald)

Readers tell Seattle Times editor how newspapers should change. (Seattle Times)

The Financial Times set an example as an integrated newsroom. (Poynter)

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