MONDAY’S LINKS: Dailies Scaling Back in DC, Top Print Talent Jumps to ‘Politico,’ Avista’s ‘Strib’ Buy Bets on Print

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, as many newspapers increasingly focus on local news Washington D.C. coverage is decreasing, Google’s content partnerships VP makes the case that his company is a friend to traditional media companies, and Tim Rutten thinks the newly redesigned Wall Street Journal is a sign for the future of newspapers.


A CIA panel has told former officer Valerie Plame she can’t write about her undercover work for the agency, a position that may threaten a lucrative book project with her publisher. (Newsweek)

Google’s vice president of content partnerships, David Eun, says Google is a friend, not a foe. (Los Angeles Times)

Tim Rutten: What Publisher L. Gordon Crovitz, Managing Editor Paul E. Steiger and their colleagues have done is give us a good first look at what a rational division of labor will look like as newspapers move toward a future in which they simultaneously connect with their readers online and in print. (Los Angeles Times)

The 2008 campaign is “totally going to be on steroids this time in terms of what a candidate can do,” [online, and with Web video.] (Washington Post)

Faced with declining advertising revenues and competition from the Web, midsize, regional dailies across the country have been retrenching in recent years to focus on local news. That has scaled back their Washington coverage, and their national ambitions. (New York Times)

Avista’s plan to buy McClatchy’s Star Tribune for $530 million was driven by the newspaper’s cheap price and hopes for an industry rebound. (Wall Street Journal)

As many newspapers across the country are cutting their staffs and trimming back on Washington coverage, The Politico is finding younger journalists and some veterans who are willing to leave the once-secure confines of traditional print to join a start-up. (New York Times)

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