MONDAY’S LINKS: Media Distorting Obama’s Record?, Pruitt No Longer Wall Street’s Darling, ‘NYO’ Redesign

By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama complains that the media is already treating him unfairly, McClatchy CEO Gary Pruitt seems to be losing his luster in the eyes of Wall Street, and Howard kurtz looks at the controversy over Post blogger William Arkin’s use of the word “mercenary” in describing U.S. soldiers.


The most sweeping redesign in the New York Observer’s 20-year history will hit newsstands Wednesday, transforming the salmon-colored broadsheet weekly into an extralong tabloid. (New York Post)

The Los Angeles Times’ “Homicide Report” blog will report every murder in the city. (Los Angeles Times)

Barack Obama accuses the media of ignoring his substantive record and falsely depicting him as a lightweight. (Politico)

Howard Kurtz: William Arkin, a military analyst who writes a blog for The Washington Post’s Web site, takes flak for using the word “mercenary” in his criticism of American troops. (Washington Post)

McClatchy CEO Gary Pruitt seems to have lost his long-held place as the darling of the industry and of Wall Street. (New York Times)

Page Six gossip Richard Johnson on scoops, fair play and the rules of the gossip game (Avenue Magazine)

Social bookmarking sites, where Web surfers share their favorite links, are giving a few heavy users power to shape the online viewing habits of thousands. (Wall Street Journal)

Reuters had to act quickly when bloggers noticed that two photographs of Israeli military action had been doctored. Here’s the full story from its new editor-in-chief (Independent)

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