MONDAY’S LINKS: Newspaper Photogs an ‘Endangered Species,’ ‘NYT’ Food Fight, Billionaires in Politics and Media.

By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Jack Shafer wonders if less profit at newspapers may be good for quality journalism, Jon Friedman remembers Bob Woodward’s contribution to tabloid journalism, and Mimi Sheraton think Jeffrey Chodorow is an “idiot” for taking out a New York Times ad to slam critic Frank Bruni.


Jack Shafer: When bad financial news for newspapers is good news for journalism. (Slate)

In the competition for contextual text ads, Google and Yahoo are facing a challenge from a tiny but growing adversary named Quigo Technologies. (New York Times)

Hamilton Nolan: A study from the University of Missouri is lending some empirical weight to the old argument that news quality equals good business performance. (PR Week)

David Carr: David Geffen and Ron Burkle have already fought for custody of The Los Angeles Times. No one wants to see the presidency treated as a cat toy between rich men who don?t like to lose. (New York Times)

Jon Friedman: As I follow the endless, breathless media reports about Anna Nicole Smith’s weird death and Britney Spears’ bizarre behavior, I’ve been thinking a lot about Bob Woodward. (Marketwatch)

Frank Ahrens: Who cares who owns the media? (Washington Post)

Mimi Sheraton: On the food fight between Frank Bruni and Jeffrey Chodorow. (Slate)

Roy Greenslade: Newspaper photographers are “an endangered species.” (Guardian)

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