MONDAY’S LINKS: Online Attack Ads, ‘Wash Post’ Loses Powell to ‘NYT,’ How to Take Times Co. Private

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Bill Keller says the New York Times was “treated like a pinata” before the ’06 elections, Fred Hiatt finds closure of Boston Globe foreign bureaus “disheartening,” and Daniel Gross has some ideas for how the Sulzberger family could take the New York Times Co. private.


Veteran newsman Steve Smith ready for a new adventure as he takes over at the Washington Examiner. (Washington Post)

Tim Rutten: At the Libby trial, Vice President Dick Cheney and some of his former aides gave the rest of us a rather instructive seminar in the symbiotic contempt that links the Bush administration and self-serving members of the Washington press corps. (Los Angeles Times)

Fred Hiatt: I find it disheartening that a fine newspaper such as the Boston Globe would feel compelled to diminish itself by cutting back on foreign reporting. (Washington Post)

Jon Friedman: New York Times Editor Bill Keller feels “vindication” following ’06 elections. (Marketwatch)

Daniel Gross: The Sulzbergers could take the New York Times Company private. Here’s how. (Slate)

New York Times snags Washington Post’s Michael Powell. (Village Voice)

“Viral” Web video spreads fast and far, biting candidates hard — sometimes with their own words. (Los Angeles Times)

According to a source familiar with the board’s thinking, the committee overseeing Tribune’s auction process has concluded that offers for the company tendered by California’s Chandler family and Los Angeles billionaires Eli Broad and Ron Burkle don’t value Tribune’s assets highly enough. (Chicago Tribune)

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