Misattributes Quote To E&P

By: Mark Fitzgerald

What’s this? An E&P contributing editor saying nice things about Internet classifieds in a presentation? Say it isn’t so!

It isn’t: Somehow the powers that be at Monster confused an article that new-media consultant and newspaper classifieds fan Gordon Borrell wrote for the American Press Institute’s online newsletter, where he is a contributing editor, and attributed it to E&P, which has no relationship with Borrell.

In their latest road show PowerPoint presentation, Monster quotes Borrell as saying, “Internet has become the leading medium for recruitment. It IS more cost-efficient than newspaper advertising. And it DOES deliver a host of capabilities such as resume-filtering and instantaneous contact that newspapers will never be able to match in their print form.”

Alerted to his seeming testimony on behalf of Monster, Borrell said, “I’d rather they had quoted the second part of what I said — which is that the combination of newspapers and Internet will basically kick Monster’s butt to the Moon.”

And if Monster wants a Borrell quotation that’s really from E&P, the Portsmouth, Va.-based consultant is glad to oblige: “My own opinion of it is that newspaper will basically give Monster two black eyes and tear off their limbs and feed it to them.”

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