More About Pittsburgh Editor in Dustup with Heinz Kerry

By: E&P Staff

Colin McNickle, the editorial page editor of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review at the center of today’s Teresa Heinz Kerry “shove it” flap, went to the Democratic convention, according to a report in his newspaper last Saturday, as a “conservative commentator” aiming to infiltrate the gathering.

In its promotion of his coverage this week, the newspaper wrote, “It’s a dirty job dealing with liberals, but somebody’s gotta do it. … What happens when a conservative commentator infiltrates the Democratic National Convention? An outbreak of truth.”

Besides writing reports for the paper, McNickle is blogging at, and discussing the day’s events on local radio station KQV.

Heinz Kerry and McNickle had a verbal confrontation at a campaign event on Sunday night, with the wife of Sen. John Kerry disputing something McNickle said or wrote, and telling him to “shove it.”

In a column on July 17, McNickle wrote: “John Kerry and John Edwards, two Johns pimping for a populism that can only perpetuate poverty, haven’t a clue. Now there’s a campaign theme, eh?” In the same column he observed: “Liberals and socialists (is there a difference?) probably are nodding their heads vigorously about now. ‘Yeah, that’s the ticket! Go, Johnny, Go!'”

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