More Goss Mainstream Towers at French Newspaper Printer

By: E&P Staff

Commercial and newspaper printer Imprimeries IPS, based near Avignon, in Southern France ordered additional four-high Goss Mainstream towers for presses at its Chateaurenard and Fouilloy facilities. This latest order comes less than a year after an order for its third 4×1 gapless Mainstream press.

The press at Fouilloy will be capable of printing 80 full-color tabloid pages, or a maximum of 96 pages with 64 in full color. The press at Chateaurenard will be capable of producing 80 pages total, all in full color.

Imprimeries IPS has printed almost a billion newspaper copies since 2002 on its Mainstream presses, including multiple tabloid and broadsheet titles i run lengths as low as 10,000 copies. Technology allowing fast changeovers and the print quality obtained with gapless blankets were factors in the decisions to buy and expand the presses.

The tower in Chateaurenard will be added when the new four-tower Mainstream press, ordered last September, is installed. Both projects are expected to be completed by next February. The new tower at Fouilloy will be installed this summer.

Imprimeries IPS CEO President Francis Cartoux said in a statement, “We have chosen to install the new towers on the left hand side of each press so that there is the enough space on the right for future expansion with a further tower and folder should we require it.” He also expressed confidence in Goss’ ability to manage a complex installation at Fouilloy, where, in one day, the new tower must be craned in, with a roof section removed and replaced.

Imprimeries IPS added two Goss M-600 heatset presses in 2005 for commercial printing and operates Goss Community and Universal presses. The company is a subsidiary of SPIR Communication group, which pioneered France’s free weeklies. IPS’s five print sites produce 184 free editions and 17.5 million copies weekly. It also prints more than 110 regional news titles, more than six million advertising pieces and almost a million copies of niche periodicals.

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