More Pages and Color from Hilo’s Urbanite

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By: E&P Staff

Hilo’s Hawaii Tribune-Herald expects to extract a big boost in capacity from a relatively modest change to its equipment. By adding a little iron and subtracting a little paper, the Stephens Media Group daily should be able to double its page count and more than double its color printing.

The Tribune-Herald ordered a used Goss Urbanite unit from Al Taber and Associates, Roswell, Ga. The unit will be part of a press line rearrangement and web-reduction project undertaken with web Specialties Inc., Twinfalls, Idaho.

The added unit will be stacked on one of the existing seven 22.75-inch-cutoff units, making it easier to print color on both sides of the web. At the same time, the project will reduce the press’ web width and allow for three-page-wide production. Al Taber and Web Specialties technicians expect to complete the project at the nearly 19,000-circulation daily in June.

With the reduction, the Urbanite plate cylinder will hold three 11.5-inch-wide pages. The project also includes a Web Specialties realigner, which will first slit the web into two ribbons, one two pages wide, the other one page wide. It will then realign the two ribbons — which would otherwise be off-center — for proper placement over the folder former boards, according to the company.

Three-page-wide production, along with the additional unit, will give the Tribune Herald a 50% increase in page count and add 10 pages of process color — up from eight pages to 18 — and six pages of spot color in one collect run, allowing the paper to meet advertiser demands for more color positions.

“Everyone wants more color these days and in the past few years we have had to do many more runs just to achieve the color we need,” said Arlen Vierra, production director at the Tribune Herald. The new arrangement, he added, will “provide more color pages with fewer press runs.”

Al Taber, president of Al Taber and Associates, said the technology “produces a large and cost-effective increase in productivity,” with the new web width “ideal for three-wide production from 35-inch web-width presses such as the tph Orient and Goss Community, as well as the 36-inch-wide Urbanites.”

Web Specialties realigners are available with manual control adjustments for one- and two-web installations. For sites requiring a large number of webs, realigners can be nested and remotely controlled, and are available with options such as bay windows and compensators.

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